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- Cartoon Of The Day, Contributor

Donald Trump Is Setting The World On FirePresident Donald's Trump's slash and burn strategy continues with the gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency as well as signing an executive order Tuesday in which former liberal priorities on climate change are getting the ax first. Cartoon by Ed Hall. [...]

- Dominic Dudley, Contributor

The World's Biggest Company Has Just Been Handed A Huge Tax CutOil giant Saudi Aramco has been handed a huge tax cut by its government, as it prepares for a stock market listing. [...]

- Zack Friedman, Contributor

This Fearless Girl May Change The Face Of Wall Street For 1 More YearFearless Girl stands defiantly on Wall Street for another year. But will she stand permanently? [...]

- Claire Poole, Contributor

Could Schlumberger-Weatherford Joint Venture Lead To All-Out Merger?There's some precedent of Schlumberger buying the balance of its joint ventures either by buying the stake or the owner of the stake, including Dowell Schlumberger, WesternGeco, M-I Swaco and OneSubsea. [...]

- Simon Flowers, Contributor

Reports of the death of green field deep water projects may have been exaggerated. Tight oil has garnered all the plaudits in the last few months, rightly given the resurgent growth underway. But there are stirrings in the conventional space too, even in the challenging deep water sector. [...]

- Michael Lynch, Contributor

Debunking Debunked Electric Car MythsAdvocates complain about electric vehicle myths promoted by skeptics, but don't really address them. [...]

- James Conca, Contributor

X-Energy Steps Into The Ring With Its Advanced Pebble Bed Modular Nuclear ReactorX-energy’s Xe-100 high temperature gas-cooled pebble bed modular nuclear power plant has higher efficiencies, a reduced water requirement, a small physical footprint, a small emergency planning zone, doesn't need to shut down to refuel, and is walk-away safe from any possible accident. [...]

- Rod Adams, Contributor

As Extra-Large Nuclear Projects Struggle, Nimble Creators Devise New ApproachesInstead of conventional light-water reactors financed and constructed by large incumbent firms, the advanced nuclear industry will be characterized by innovative reactor and plant designs, new business models, and smaller entrepreneurial start-ups. [...]

- Roger Aitken, Contributor

A Slovak Finally Makes It On Forbes Billionaires List, But Czechs Lead WaySlovakian businessman Ivan Chrenko, majority owner of real-estate developer HB Reavis, becomes the first man from his country to make it on to the Forbes billionaires rich list with a $1.1 billion fortune, but neighbouring Czech Republic sees six men make the list - one up from a year before. [...]

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Saudi Arabia is aiming to increase the company’s appeal to international investors as it gets ready to sell a 5 percent stake. [...]


The decision by the Trump administration revives a contentious project, opposed by environmentalists, to transport oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast. [...]


The backing of rules adopted in the Obama administration is one of the most direct moves so far to blunt President Trump’s effort to roll back regulations. [...]


Much of the ice also appears to be thinner than normal — further signs of climate change’s effects on the region. [...]


The Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, said lower demand reduced greenhouse gas emissions. [...]


The White House is preparing to dismantle major policy actions of the Obama era, including a plan to close hundreds of heavily polluting power plants. [...]


A landfill at the edge of Addis Ababa where at least 113 people died has been the capital’s main dumping ground for decades. [...]


In addition, India’s environment minister dismissed a report that linked air pollution to a million premature deaths each year. [...]


Scientists expressed alarm at the depth of proposed cuts to climate change, medical and energy programs, saying they threaten the nation’s research infrastructure. [...]


Much of the agency’s state-level work would be eliminated or sharply reduced by President Trump’s proposed budget, which cuts the E.P.A. more than any other agency. [...]

Print section Print Rubric:  The government stalls on backing an experiment in tidal power Print Headline:  Taken at the flood Print Fly Title:  Tidal energy UK Only Article:  UK article only Issue:  Amazon’s empire Fly Title:  Taken at the flood Location:  SWANSEA Main image:  Time and tide may have to wait Time and tide may have to wait KICKING off a tour of the United Kingdom’s four increasingly disunited nations ahead of Brexit negotiations, Theresa Ma [...]

Print section Print Rubric:  Why shale firms don’t give a frack about financial returns Print Headline:  Texas hold’em Print Fly Title:  Schumpeter UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Amazon’s empire Fly Title:  Schumpeter Main image:  20170325_wbd000.jpg INSIDE the boardrooms and bars of Houston, the spiritual capital of America’s energy industry, the swagger is back. The oil price may only be at $48, or half the level it was three years ago. But shale [...]

Print section Print Rubric:  Why is so much oil sitting in storage? Print Headline:  Full tank Print Fly Title:  Oil prices UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The global economy enjoys a synchronised upswing Fly Title:  Full tank Location:  HOUSTON IT SOUNDS like a scene from “The Big Short”, a film about financial speculation. Light aircraft fly photographers close to America’s oil-storage facilities, using infra-red imaging and photographs to gauge th [...]

Main image:  ON FEBRUARY 27th, in the midst of a fresh crack-down on undocumented migrants and a pending revision of the president’s travel ban, the Supreme Court heard an immigration case with potentially wide-ranging implications. Esquivel-Quintana v Jefferson Sessions is the first Supreme Court case naming Donald Trump’s new attorney general as a party—though it concerns a matter that took place well before he joined the cabinet. Depending on how the justices rule, immigration authoritie [...]

Print section Print Rubric:  The renewables revolution is wrecking the world’s electricity markets. Here’s what to do Print Headline:  Clean energy’s dirty secret Print Fly Title:  Renewable energy UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems Fly Title:  Clean energy’s dirty secret Main image:  20170225_LDD001_0.jpg ALMOST 150 years after photovoltaic cells and wind turbines were invented, they still generat [...]

Print section Print Headline:  Business this week UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Donald Trump seeks a grand bargain with Vladimir Putin Main image:  20170211_wwp004_290.jpg Donald Trump took aim at the Dodd-Frank reforms of financial services, which were drawn up in response to the 2008 crisis. He told the Treasury to review the extent to which financial regulations contradict the “core principles” of the new administration, a broad edict that will revisit a host [...]

Print section Print Rubric:  The world’s biggest private oil company used to be peerless. That has changed Print Headline:  Upstream with half a paddle Print Fly Title:  ExxonMobil UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  An insurgent in the White House Fly Title:  Upstream with half a paddle WITH an institutional culture that lies somewhere between the marines and the boy scouts, ExxonMobil tends to avoid personality cults. Even so, it is surprising how little is [...]

Print section UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  The Petrobras scandal Main image:  20170121_blp904.jpg   IT IS not the first time an air crash has caused turmoil in Brazil. In 1992 a helicopter went down off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, killing Ulysses Guimarães, a towering political figure. His party was a driving force behind the impeachment of Fernando Collor, the president of the day. Eduardo Campos, a candidate in the presidential election in 2014, die [...]

Print section Print Rubric:  Electricity now flows across continents, courtesy of direct current Print Headline:  Rise of the supergrid Print Fly Title:  Power transmission UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change Fly Title:  Rise of the supergrid THE winds of the Oklahoma panhandle have a bad reputation. In the 1930s they whipped its over-tilled topsoil up into the billowing black blizzards of the Dust Bowl. [...]

Print section UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  Hydroelectricity Main image:  20161224_MAP503.jpg SUB-Saharan Africa’s largest mass-housing programme; its first metro; its biggest army. Ethiopia’s government likes to deal in superlatives. Last week the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) added another to the list: the tallest dam. After years of delay, due primarily to funding shortages, the prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegne, at last i [...]

- Laurence Mathieu-Léger, Oliver Milman, and Michael Landsberg

Despite its Sunshine State moniker, Florida is barely harnessing its bountiful rays for energy, with the number of households getting solar panels not projected to squeak past 100 a year until 2021. Meanwhile, there’s a solar boom occurring in north-east states such as New York and out west in CaliforniaSunshine state shuns solar as overcast New York basks in clean energy boom Continue reading... [...]

- Adam Vaughan

Business secretary orders inquiry into flawed tendering process for dismantling old reactors at 12 sites as US firms get paid for out of court settlementThe government has been forced to pay nearly £100m in a settlement with two US companies for mishandling the way it awarded a £6.1bn nuclear decommissioning contract.Ministers have ordered an inquiry headed by the former boss of National Grid to find out why the procurement process was so flawed. Labour said the payout showed “dramatic levels of [...]

- Katharine Murphy Political editor

Matt Canavan says new station could be built within three years but Josh Frydenberg says any ‘clean coal’ initiative is ‘a long way off’Senior Turnbull government ministers are publicly at odds over the timing of new investment in coal-fired power – with the resources minister suggesting Asian and domestic investors “are very interested” and could build a plant within three years, and the energy minister arguing any investment would be “a long way off.”The resources minister, Matt Canavan, told [...]

- Dominic Rushe in New York

The founder and chief executive of Murray Energy supports Donald Trump’s move to roll back Obama’s clean power plan but cautions the president to go easy on talk of a jobs revivalAmerica’s biggest coal boss is hopeful that his industry will soon be freed of “fraudulent” green legislation that has hampered his industry, but warned Donald Trump to “temper” expectations about a boom in mining jobs. Related: Donald Trump blames everyone but himself for healthcare legislation failure Related: Phasing [...]

- Oliver Milman in Miami and New York

Despite its natural advantages, disincentives mean Florida has few solar panels but the Empire state’s policies have boosted installed solar capacity by 800%If you were to fly a camera-laden drone several hundred feet above Pani Herath’s house in south Miami, Florida, it would become clear his rooftop is an oddity compared with virtually all of his neighbors. Despite living in a part of the world that bakes in the sun throughout the year, just a few thousand people across Florida, such as Herath [...]

- Martin Lukacs

As geoengineer advocates enter Trump administration, plans advance to spray sun-reflecting chemicals into atmosphere Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning.Under the Trump administration, enthusiasm appears to be growing for the controversial technology of solar geo-engineering, which aims to spray sulphate particles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s radia [...]

- Lyndon Schneiders

Governments are using the confected gas crisis to push destructive projects like the Pilliga gas project on communities that don’t want themIt’s ludicrous to say there is a gas crisis in Australia when we are set to overtake Qatar to become the world’s biggest gas producer. Australia has plenty of gas to meet our needs and the world has three times as much fossil fuel reserves that can be used to keep global temperature rises below 2C.We have so much gas that we export most of it. The gas compan [...]

- Bill McKibben

Australians must decide whether they continue to support coal or whether the future is renewable. Without a doubt, Malcolm Turnbull will be left on the losing sideThere is nowhere else on the planet right now where the dichotomy between two potential futures – one where we address the climate change crisis, one where we ignore this momentous threat and continue with business as usual – is playing out in such a dramatic and explosive way as Australia.In the US, Donald Trump is decimating decades [...]

- Martin Pengelly and agencies

EPA head Scott Pruitt, who sued to halt plan as Oklahoma’s AG, claims ending restrictions on coal power plants will be ‘pro-growth and pro-environment’Donald Trump will on Tuesday sign an executive order to unravel Barack Obama’s plan to curb global warming, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said on Sunday, claiming the move would be “pro-growth and pro-environment”. Related: The climate change battle dividing Trump’s America Related: Trump begins rollback of Obama's car pollu [...]

- Adam Vaughan

Ofgem considering further steps to protect billpayers as a result of suppliers’ failure to cut back-bills’ limit from 12 to six monthsBritain’s leading energy providers are under fire again after missing a deadline to help households with smart meters avoid being hit with unexpected bills.Electricity and gas suppliers, including the big six and smaller providers, had pledged that by the end of 2016 they would cut back on sending backdated or catchup bills to customers whose smart meters inaccura [...]

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